Ed Sheeran is the guy who literally had the radio charts going crazy. He was on Top 40 and also Urban with his big single "Thinking Out Loud" from his last album "X" which dropped in 2014. He is a name that a lot of fans know and has a style all by himself and tops the chart every time he drops new music.

He is currently on a radio tour in support of his latest single "Shape of You" and stopped by The Breakfast Club where he talked about taking a break from social media for a year and also busted into a freestyle while talking to the crew.


Ed Sheeran Talks To The Breakfast Club:

I missed out on his first album, but since I have found out about him. I have been a fan and will be on the lookout for his new album that will be dropping in another month or so. The guy is a class act and seems to be really humble and will be around for years to come.

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