Election day is December 11, 2021 is here. If you didn't get a chance to early vote, stop by your precinct and cast your ballot. If you haven't downloaded the Geaux Vote App it's a great source for all things Louisiana elections. It will tell you your voting status, what your voting for, let you review a sample ballot so you can be prepared, tell you where your polling place is and a whole lot more.

For other voting references, logon to the Louisiana Secretary of State website, sos.la.gov to get all the info you need as well. Take a look at your sample ballot and see what you are voting for in your city. This election, 26 parishes will only have local propositions to decide upon and Calcasieu is one them. While others have candidate races, recalls, runoffs or no elections at all.

Regardless, if you live in Louisiana we have an election going on in a majority of the state. Below is a quick review on what's going on and some important upcoming election dates you need to know about.

Election Factsheet - sos.ls.gov
Election Factsheet - sos.ls.gov

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