Empire is on fire and there is alot of drama that is going on with the show. Alot of folks were in an uproar about Jussie Smolletts character being shot and alot of folks were wondering if he would be around or not. This was after he character Jamal was shot by Freda Gatz who was going in for the kill shot on Lucious who is Terrance Howards character on the show.


But alot of folks didn't know who Freda who is actually an artist name Bre-Z is. Well she made a stop by The Breakfast Club to talk about her character and music and other things going on in her life. Check out the clip below and find out what she did for a living before the music.


Bre-Z Talks With The Breakfast Club:

More power to the sister and I can't wait to see what she has coming with new music. She plays the character Freda very well and I am sure that she is going to be around for awhile with new music to possibly hit the charts pretty soon. Check out some of her previous works from last year.


Bre-Z- "Trillest":

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