One thing about me is that I love music. I have always been infatuated with the production and lyrics, whether it is Hip Hop or Urban. I am also a fan of Pop, Gospel and just about any form of music to really get me on it.

However, this one is a hard one for me as I try to compile my top 10 list of favorite Hip Hop albums. Now, I am going to be honest and let you know that I have way more than ten, but I am going to base this off of albums that really shifted the culture in my opinion

Another factor is how these albums changed the musical landscape from the norm of some of the other music that was out there at the time. Of course, whenever you do a top 10, there has to be a number one and that is the hard part for me. When you are in love with all 10, how do you choose? Anyway, here we go with my top 10 Hip Hop albums.


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10. Boss- Born Gangstaz: This was one of the first female gangster rappers that I remembered hearing. The album was full of skits and raw lyrics with some of the hardest beats out there. Many thought she was actually the sister to AMG who was a rapper from Los Angeles, but we found out that wasn't the case. She didn't release much new music after the fact, but the album was a classic nonetheless.


9. Redman- Whut? The Album: I remember working inside the Sound Shop and this guy came into the store. He had a skull cap on and was rather discreet but I could have spotted him a mile away. It was Redman and he was in a nearby town for a family reunion and we were the closest mall to visit. This album really showed a lyrical assassin as Redman on the microphone and Erick Sermon on the beats was a match made in heaven. From the beginning to the end, this album didn't disappoint.


8. N.W.A- Straight Outta Compton: What can be said here? This group singlehandedly influenced all genres and nationalities with their off the cuff, no holds barred music. I remember sneaking in my room and listening to this cassette over and over. My favorite member was Ice Cube. I never acted as a gangster, but there was something about his delivery that made you believe him. This is one for the books and honestly could be higher on the list. But I think you get my point about how important this album was to the hip hop brand.


7. Ice Cube- Death Certificate: I already mentioned  that Ice Cube was my favorite member of the group N.W.A and this was his second album right after Amerikka's Most Wanted which many give props to but Death Certificate was by far my favorite. This is also the album that featured No Vaseline which was one of the hardest diss records of my generation. The album showed growth with Ice Cube as he still kicked the gangster lyrics we were used to. But he also introduced many of us to the teachings of the Nation Of Islam which was a shock for many. The album is by far one to give a listen to and enjoy.


6. 2Pac- All Eyez On Me: When 2Pac was released from prison. We knew that this album was going to be a smash. While his previous albums had plenty of great music and stories. With his new album, he was signed to Death Row and was now working on music with Dr. Dre, The Dogg Pound and of course Snoop Dogg. The album was a classic from California Love to I Ain't Mad At Cha. When the album was released, there were not many who weren't blasting this song in their cars. I loved the album as it was a double album and featured everyone from Method Man, Redman, Danny Boy, Snoop and more to make a collection of hits for the fans.


5. 2 Live Crew- As Nasty As They Wanna Be: This album pushed censorship to the top level. 2 Live Crew and their frontman Uncle Luke had some of the hardest songs out the gate and it had audiences all over talking about the music. I remember this album as being the one that everybody was blasting. As a matter of fact, Uncle Luke aka Luther Campbell had to take this one all the way to the Supreme Court and won. He literally got the clearance for artists to have explicit content on their albums.


4. Eric B and Rakim- Paid in Full: One of the most respected hip hop albums to touch any coast and I was a fan from the first time I heard I ain't no Joke. This wasn't the first single but it really stood out especially when the video dropped. This is a classic joint featuring two of the best to ever do it.


3.Kanye West- Graduation: We all know Kanye for his antics and speaking sometimes out of turn when it comes to the public eye. However, this is one of the albums that should be in at least the top 20 of many hip hop fans. There were so many singles from this album and I loved the single Big Brother and how he really expressed his love and competitiveness with Jay- Z.


2.Snoop Dogg- Doggy Style: The year was 1993 and every car and drop-top ride was vibing to Snoop D-O- Double G. The album seems like it had been on the charts for years as What's My Name and Gin and Juice and Doggy Dogg World featuring The Dramatics. We had been introduced to Snoop through Dr. Dre, but he really carried the album and solidified his place in hip hop til this day.


Geto Boys- We Can't Be Stopped: Being from Mississippi I remember getting the very first Geto Boys album Do It Like A G.O. and watching the guys go from young emcees to becoming full-fledged artists. When they released We Can't Be Stopped one of the biggest singles was Mind Playing Tricks On Me. I remember listening to this album and knowing the words from the front to back and while Scarface was always my favorite rapper out the group. My favorite verse for the song was Bushwick Bill. This was a classic album and one you should have in your collection.


Now keep in mind that this is my list and while it was very hard to buckle down and pick ten albums. These are some that really shifted me when it came to music that I would listen to. But check out below as I have some honorable mention albums that I loved as well.

Wu Tang Clan- Enter the Wu Tang

Dr. Dre- The Chronic

Public Enemy- Fear Of A Black Planet

Lil Kim- Hardcore

Jay Z- Volume 2- Hard Knock Life

Ice T-O.G Original Gangster

Outkast- Atliens

8 Ball and MJG- On Top Of The World

Goodie Mob- Soul Food

There are so many more but I think at the end of the day. I am a music fan. As I mentioned earlier, I can go from Hip Hop to Gospel, Country, Pop and Urban. Regardless of what type of music it is. I am a fan of great music, but man, making this list was hard.

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