So If you don't catch me on the radio which is very seldom , you can catch me at the crib watching movies. Now while this list is truly hard to break down, these are some of my favorite movies at the moment. Honestly these could possibly change sometime in the very near future!

Number 5:

Harlem Nights:


This was truly one of the funniest movies that I have seen. Now Eddie Murphy caught alot of flack for this movie, since he actually took on the directing duties as well. But there is no other director that can say he had Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy in the same movie. This is the only movie that made that possible and from the beginning to the end it was hilarious. This is most definately one of my top 5 choices.


Number 4:

House Party:

Kid and Play ran alot of the late 80's and the first part of the 90's with the music, but then they came with the movie that to me is a classic. This movie was "House Party" and I remember when this movie was first released in my hometown, the lines were ridiculous to get in to see. Having the late Robin Harris was also a class act, because it brought even more humor to an already funny movie. You had Full Force, Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell as well. I can look at this movie over and over and still get a kick out of it like it's my first time seeing it!


Number 3:

The Mack




Now these movies were 70's classics and what would be described as Blaxploitation films. "Superfly" starred movie legend Ron O' Neal and "The Mack" starred Max Julien. Now if you catch some of their later body of work, you wouldn't believe the roles they played in these movies. It just basically showed that they were true actors and has totally perfected their craft in acting. If you want straight butt kicking, pimps, jive talking and straight up funny as well as drama then these are you movies. Pretty much every month or so I dust off the dvds and pop them in to the player just to take a trip back down memory lane.


Number 2:

Which Way is Up:

Now alot of folks want to give Eddie Murphy credit or even Tyler Perry credit for starting the tradition of cutting down the check book by playing multiple characters in a movie. Well my first experience was with Richard Pryor, who played severals in this movie and left nothing to the imagination. This movie was one of the funniest ones that I have seen Richard in and from the beginning to the end, you will definately laugh. This is one you must have in your collection, because it never gets old.


Number 1:

Coming To America:

Well I am at the top of my list and "Coming To America" holds that spot. Eddie not only played several roles in the movie, but also worked with his friend Arsenio Hall who also played several characters. I drive my wife crazy with this, because even though I have my own personal copy of this, I can watch it everytime it comes on television and watch the entire movie. Whether it's the benefit scene, the Mcdowels scene or the barbershop scene this movie is funny and I truly believe it made alot of folks get rid of their jerri curls. "Coming to America" is number one on my list and I love it!


Now there are several honorable mentions that I would have to take a swipe at as well.

1.) Scarface

2.) King Of New York

3.) The Bridesmaid

4.) The Hangover

5.) Paper Soldiers

6.) Holla

7.) Freddy Vs Jason

8.) Black Dynamite

9.) Forgetting Sarah Marshall

10.) Knocked Up

11.) 40 Year Old Virgin

Just to name a few. As I mentioned this list will probably change pretty soon, but this is what I am on for the moment. Peace and great movie watching for everyone!

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