Heavy Duty Towing

Elite strives to have the biggest and best equipment for any heavy tow. With our 45 and 50 ton heavy duty units; we can tow a fully loaded tractor trailer, without doubt. Our operators are trained and experienced in hauling a wide variety of equipment including: cranes, busses, fire trucks, concrete trucks, and pumper trucks. Call us for your next tow and let us show you the Elite way.


Medium Duty Towing

Elite's medium duty fleet is able to tow a large variety of vehicles such as: passenger busses, school busses, box trucks, ambulances, small delivery trucks and much more. With our operators, who are continually trained with cutting edge equipment and are always ready to deal with your unit with utmost care. Contact our office to set up your tow immediately.

Heavy Hauling and Transport

Elite's Fleet is specialized to move equipment, limousines, busses, heavy trucks, and extra large vehicles. These units are built to fit any need, and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Weekends are not excluded with Elite, your job does not wait. We have our units built for all types of hauls, including: forklifts, generators,pumps, dozers, compressors, excavators, trenches, scissor lifts or any other heavy equipment. With a 6 degree load angle we can load extremely long vehicles. Call us to schedule your next haul and for pricing. Let Elite Haul it ALL.



Underwater Recovery

Elite Service can recover vehicles fully submerged in water. Certified drivers can scope out and perform recovery efforts on what would seem impossible to get out. Call Elite Service to recover any vehicle.




Crane Service

With our exclusive Rotator, we can provide many services with this very versatile machine. It is capable of lifting in tight areas, such as: plants, warehouses, and indoor facilities. With this 50 ton capacity, 360 degrees of crane rotation, and a professional operator, we can provide you with Elite Service. Call today to get a quote on a job. Let us lift for you!

Light Duty

Elite's fleet of Light Duty trucks are out to serve you and your car. Our drivers will provide kind and courteous service, keeping the condition of your vehicle a top priority. If you are involved in a wreck, you can request Elite Service to safely handle your vehicle. We have a safe vehicle storage compound under 24/7 surveillance and deal with all insurance companies. Light Duty Trucks can tow multiple units including motorcycles. Call Elite for Elite Service.


Elite's large fleet and special force operators are here to solve all of your recovery problems. Our team members are innovative problem solvers and are continually trained to make your recovery fast, safe, and efficient. One call to Elite and your situation will be resolved.