Over the holiday I was enjoying time with the family and doing the normal that most people did over the Thanksgiving break. I also got ready last night to get back to work on today and start up another week of fun and entertainment.

I got a message on Facebook from an individual who I didn't know. This is not uncommon as I am often connected on social media by several people whether its pertaining to music, interviews or just old friends. This man told me he was listening to some old reel to reels he had purchased from a radio station that I used to work for back in the nineties.

The station was a locally owned station WSLY, but this station was so far ahead of its time. The owner Bernie Grant had a mobile studio with a truck full of everything from technique turntables, to reel machines and two microphones to include for guest. My new Facebook friend Paul told me he was jamming to the mix that I was doing and called out a song that was big in the nineties "The Perculator". I had to have this in my possession and add to my archive of other achievements from back in the day. Unfortunately back then I did more talking with my hands then my voice, so there was no talking during the mix. But it was great to hear how I used to rock the party back in the day. The station is now a sports station, but you can ask around about the little station that could back in the day and you'll hear about Sly 104.9.


Cajmere- Perculator

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