Faizon Love is a comedian who is really one who doesn't hold his tongue when it comes to talk about what's going on. Over the weekend he talked about Dave Chappelle not being a very funny comedian and his thoughts on Kevin Hart being much funnier then Dave.

He stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about his recent interview with Sway In The Morning while discussing Monique's situation with Netflix. There are many who would say that he is hating on Dave and his career. Check out the interview below and let me know your thoughts after watching out to the interview.


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I have to say that Dave is funny. He has a unique brand of comedy and there will be some who will always compare one comedian to another. I honestly feel like that is the problem with a lot of us because we tend to shoot down others that are bigger then others. Either way, check out some of Dave's clips below along with Kevin Hart and also Faizon Love.

Dave Chappelle Stand Up:


Kevin Hart Stand Up:


Faizon Love Stand Up:

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