Fat Joe paid a visit to Philadelphia's Power 99 recently, talking about carrying on Big Pun's legacy, his previous troubles with the IRS and being one of the original sneaker heads in the game. He as well speaks on his decision to lose weight, saying that he lost six or seven friends in a single year and how being independent has forced him to take his loses on the chin.

Joe first notes that he's been independent for some time now, such singles as "Make It Rain," "I Won't Tell" and "Another Round" all charting high off of his own dime. "A lot of people talk the talk but you gotta put your money where your mouth is, b. So me, I throw that bag up," he says. "If I take an L, I want to take an L on my own...I don't want nobody to tell me nothin'. I want to know that I made it all happen myself and if it failed it failed. I’ve failed once or twice real big, independent. I never forget where I’m from, so when I lose half a million dollars on some shit I remember... I know the value of that dollar."

The Terror Squad rapper no doubt has hits and we recently picked his 25 best, proving that when betting on himself, he's more often walked away a winner than not. Joe is one of the many rapper's to launch his own label with Terror Squad, a full collection included below. Peep his interview with the radio station up top.

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