While the world went crazy a few days ago over the latest reboot of Jordans. The Nike stock was obviously on ten as sites were getting locked up and lines were extensive regardless of where you went. While I am not a fan of Jordans or many shoes that are over $100.00, I don't knock anyone who loves to keep up with the latest fashions. On top of that if you are a grown man or woman, you make you money and can spend it any way that you choose.

Well this father has obviously had an epiphany. While his daughter does not understand what he is doing. Or should I say she is not a big fan of the decision. He has chosen to not buy any more Jordan tennis shoes and decided to burn all of the pairs of Jordans that he owned. Now there are alot of things that he could have done with the shoes, but again it's his money and he chose to burn it up. Check out the video and decide if you think he made the right decision or could have found an alternative to burning up the shoes.


Father sets all of his Jordans on fire:

Again I have never been a big Jordan fan and have not spent a dollar on any of his shoes. But the fact of the matter is that they are a big deal to some people. Michael Jordan was without a doubt one of the best to ever place his hands on a Basketball. And although he retired years ago, his name is still at the top of the list for having the number one selling tennis shoe out there. What are your thoughts on the clip. Could he have donated the shoes or done something else.

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