The FBI has ended its investigation into the noose found in NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace's garage stall at Talladega.

They concluded that "no federal crime was committed" because they found video proving the noose was in the garage as early as October of last year and that the garage was only assigned to Bubba last week.

NASCAR issued a statement saying it turned out to be a "garage door pull rope," which was "fashioned like a noose."

It wasn't a hate crime targeted at Bubba, but it still isn't a great look for NASCAR. They say they're keeping the investigation open on their end to figure out why the noose was there.

The Wood Brothers racing team had that stall a year ago, and a team member recalled seeing it. However, the Wood Brothers say they weren't personally aware of the noose until this week, and they've been assisting the investigation.

To be clear, Bubba never saw it and wasn't the one to report it. He was told about it by NASCAR and reacted like anyone else would. Last night on CNN, Bubba said he's "pissed" that people are suggesting the whole thing was a hoax and he was involved.

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