Let's just say when you take a young lady out like this, you better have your wallet ready. I remember the first date that my wife and I went out on when we were dating. I went all in getting a steak and the works and all she got was a salad. I mess with her all of the time about that and joke with her that I am sure you pigged out when you got to the house. She says that she didn't but I know the real story.

When I saw this video I couldn't believe that a young lady who was this petite could eat such a huge hamburger in one sitting. When I got to the video and saw the time, with a few seconds let. I still couldn't believe it. This young lady took down a seven pound hamburger with fries and left nothing to the imagination. Check out the shocking video of her in all her glory.


Female eats seven pound hamburger in one sitting:

I would have to know what the prize is for something like this. And on top of all of that, will they take care of my hospital bills after the fact. Whoever this young lady is dating should never have left overs. I am sure that she probably never gets full, but only time will tell