Watch as Officer Darren Wilson explains why he murdered Michael Brown in a exclusive interview.

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Officer Darren Wilson didn't get a single charge in murdering 18-year old Michael Brown. He gave his testimony to the Ferguson grand jury, which asked him two questions regarding the shooting.  Wilson was never challenged or cross-examined on any of his claims.  Is this justice?

Everyone who's skeptical about Wilson's innocence, pretty much has the same logical questions.  Why didn't he call for back-up, if he was in fear for his life?  On what planet does a man being shot at, run toward or charge the person shooting at them?  How do you get punched in the face, several times by someone who's 6'4", 300 pounds, and have no evidence of such a scuffle on your face or body?  Do you really believe the witnesses (who were 99.9% black) sided with a white cop, who gunned down a teenager in their neighborhood as the prosecutor said?  Prosecutor, Robert P. McCulloch, said the jury (9 whites/3 blacks} was" made-up of people from all walks of life," do you believe that?

For a look at Officer Darren Wilson's full testimony, all of the documents, the grand jury’s testimonies and the accounts of all the witnesses click here.

AllHipHop reports Wilson sat down with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos to explain why he shot Brown. Below is video of that interview.

Me personally, I think he's full of it, but I'm not his judge.....God is.  I think Michael Brown was a saint, but I also don't think he had to die like that.  I don't no either of them and I wasn't there.  However, logic wont allow me to believe a lot of Wilson's story.  I just find it hard to believe someone would CHARGE toward and not run away, from someone that's shooting them.  That just defies logic.  The fact that Officer Darren Wilson had no lacerations, blood, trauma to the face or neck,  after according to him, being pummeled by someone who's 6'4" 300 pounds, was laughable.

Again, I wasn't there.  I am not his judge, God is and his judgement can not be escaped. At the end of the day, this is and always was a racist country.  I do think it's getting better, be we have a long way to go.  Whether some people admit it or not, race is still a very big problem in America and our legal system is broken and unjust when it comes to the way people of color are treated.  The truth is, white officers are murdering black people at an alarming rate, especially black men and using the crooked laws of this country to get away with it.

The Rodney King incident is a perfect example of police brutality, the hatred and lack of self-control some white officers have with black people.  Eric Garner, Trayvon Martins, Oscar Grant, Sean Bell,  Amadou Diallos and the list goes on and on.  These crimes are continuing to happen, escalating and nothing is being done about it.  The same week the grand jury let officer Darren Wilson off the hook, an officer shot a killed a 12-year old black child in a Cleveland park.  Turns out the kid had a non-lethal pellet gun in his hand.  The officer claims he told the child to put the gun down three times.

However, video footage clearly shows as soon as the police pulled up, it took officer Timothy Loehmann, a 26-year-old rookie 1 1/2 to 2 seconds to shoot and kill the child.  Do you think it would have went the same way if this was a white child in a suburban neighborhood?

America has a big problem and it keeps happening to the same people.


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