I've been in radio for almost 9 years, and in that short time I've experienced the good as well as the bad. Every radio person has experienced the bad radio interview, some more than others. Here is my story. (SMH) 

Sometimes your favorite artist can shock you when you first meet them, and they're far from what you expected, example: rappers Trick Daddy, Scarface, Mystikal, and Slim Thug, R&B singer Mya, Lloyd, and David Mann (aka Mr. Brown), just to name a few, were awesome to interview, some I've been lucky to interview more than once. Then there is the moody douche bags who call in to do interviews and act like they don't want to do it because they're just that famous or high and drunker than Cooter Brown to even do the interview. Case in point, Atlanta rapper 'Gorilla Zoe' the rapper who gave us hit songs 'Hood Figga & Lost'.

I'm not saying Gorilla Zoe isn't a great guy, I'm just saying he gave me one of my worst interview's ever. We talked about his second solo album at the time, "Don't Feed the Animals" which featured his hit "Lost" ft. Lil Wayne.

I'm not sure if maybe Zoe was having a bad day and had done lots of press and radio call-ins prior to our interview, but he seemed very detached from the interview. I had trouble making out some of the things he was saying, and at some point due to bad phone reception I could hear the agitation in his voice from apparently not being able to hear me, he finally hung up on me and no one in his camp made any attempts to call back. I was a bit angry about it because I could have been doing something else constructive in my show.

Rather Gorilla Zoe called back or not didn't make or break my job, but I did feel like I was put into a position to let people down who were expecting to hear an interview with one of the hottest hip hop artists at the time.

Though not the most suspenseful interview to begin with, it's still my worst, so far. Who knows what I'm going to encounter in my career as a radio personality/Dj. When it does happen, I'll be sure to tell you about it!



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