We know fireworks are illegal in our city, but most people will use them anyway. You’ve been warned.

With New Year’s Eve approaching, the City of Lake Charles reminds citizens that all fireworks are illegal within city limits. No matter what kind it is.

The Lake Charles Municipal Code Section 8-3.19 states, "all fireworks shall be illegal in the City of Lake Charles except for when permits are issued for pyrotechnic displays conducted by trained professionals,” said a City of Lake Charles press release.

Sidenote: Besides the fact that ammunition is expensive nowadays, don’t discharge your guns in the air. It is not legally justified for you to shoot your guns on New Years Eve. Many people will pull out their heavy artillery as a celebratory tradition in bringing in the New Year. Remember, bullets fall back to the ground at very high rates of speed, so let’s keep in mind of the old saying that “falling bullets can kill,” rather it be you or an innocent person on the ground. Be safe this holiday season. 

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