I come from a pretty decent size family. My mother had six sons and we have all loved each other and have been very close. All of us have families of our own, but we still make it a point to be with our mother and spend time with her.

In November of 1991, I lost my oldest brother to a senseless act of violence and it happened right after Thanksgiving. Every since then I think our family has gotten even closer. The remaining brothers all live in our hometown of Meridian, Mississippi as I am the only one living who has moved away. When I first left home, it was in 1996 and I moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. When I first moved there I was doing the morning show at WTUG, which meant that I worked from 6 am til 10 am. So the first time I went home for Christmas, I had to leave on Christmas night to go back home to work the next morning. That was rough on me as I was used to spending the entire day and night with my mom and family.


When I got to Lake Charles, it became harder for me to get home as much as I wanted to. And at first I was able to go home every Christmas and actually spend an entire week. Well last year things changed. There were some rules that were put in place and while I was able to go home for Thanksgiving, I wasn't able to go home for Christmas. While I had my immediate family with my wife and son here. It was still hard for me not being able to go home. I have to admit I was not the best person to be around for that Christmas. I was able to speak with my mother and all was well, but it wasn't the same. So Christmas is very important to me and this year is even more so. Recently my mother was placed in the hospital for about a week and being home for Christmas this year is very important to me. I strongly urge you to be with your family for the holidays and if your mother is still living. Make sure you get in as much time as you can to enjoy being with her. Happy Holidays to you all and Merry Christmas.

The Temptations- "Silent Night":


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