A Florida man, a real estate agent to be precise has just found out some interesting about alligators. They can jump, like really high out of the water. This lack of knowledge of 'gators has cost Robert Rosetto a new drone but it did give him a catalyst to become Internet Famous.

Rosetto on his Instagram Page shows a video of the drone hovering above a still body of water. In that water, we can see an alligator sticking its head out from above the surface.

rob rosetto via Instagram
rob rosetto via Instagram

This looks like a bit of a standoff, perhaps the drone's cameras will get some really unique up-close and in-the-wild shots of the reptile but then it happens.

That alligator came out of the water and chomped that drone in a single bite. To be clear, I was aware that alligators could "leap" but I was not aware of just how high some of them can go. Wild Florida, a nature website and magazine says the creatures can leap as high as six feet.

This leaping ability acts as a tactical advantage when the low-the-ground-'gators are attempting to bring down large prey like deer, cattle, and real estate agents.

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I guess we all now know that alligators can go airborne. It's very unsettling like when you first found out that cockroaches could fly. You knew roaches could fly, didn't you? Well, on to your next nightmare.

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