Fonzworth Bentley is known from being Diddy's assistant for several years. You could often see him swagged out with the flyest threads and carrying an umbrella. He also released a few hip hop songs as well. What I didn't know why that he was friends with Pimp C.

B.E.T did a feature where various entertainers talked about their experience with Pimp C and Fonzworth had a pretty good story to tell. He talked about Pimp giving him the green light on working with him in the future and also talked about the time Pimp called the radio stations and make remarks towards Atlanta. Check out the full video.


Check out one of his clips from his mixtape back a few years ago. Be on the lookout for more big things to come in the future.

Fonzworth Bentley- "Everybody":

Check out the infamous interview that Fonzworth spoke of that went down on an Atlanta radio station with Pimp C.

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