I am going to share with you just some of the many things my husband and I love to enjoy when football starts. You can share with me what you like too. Based on our choices, you can understand why we have to watch our calories any other time!

It doesn't matter if it's Sunday, Monday Night Football, Thursday or college football, my husband and I will find any good football excuse to have foods for a football game that we maybe wouldn't put in our usual repertoire because of calories, fat, etc.

You'll have to see if you love any of these foods and/or spirits that we enjoy when there is a game on.

Before I got married, I liked football okay, but after marrying Bret, it became so much more of a special thing. I have always liked the Saints, but after getting hitched, I began to love the Saints as much as Bret does. Since we both also love party foods and snacks, it's only natural to blend the two to make an event better experience.

Plenty of times when we know there is a game we really want to watch, we make sure we have plenty of beer and wine. He and I really enjoy Guinness. I joke with him that having a Guinness is like a loaf of bread! We also enjoy a bottle of a delicious wine when we are sitting out on the back patio Friday nights listening to Cavan Bordelon and Scott Brazda host the Tuerlings game of the week.

Sometimes we will just go for quick and easy foods like wings on the grill with Tabasco sauce, or we grill up some delicious steaks. There are also times when we decide to go all out with fun chips and dips, hamburgers, hot dogs and vegetables on the grill too.

Here are some things we just love to enjoy while enjoying football.

Football Foods We Love

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