Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Rodney Poe. He was formerly a member of Blackstreet and has been running up the charts on the solo tip since he left the group. He released a Christmas single late last year called Love for Christmas that I would describe as a future anthem to be. We talked about his time with Blackstreet, how the coronavirus has affected his livelihood, and what's coming in the future.

His voice is distinctive, and if you love great R&B music, this man here is one you need on your playlist. Check out his hit single, All for Love, released a few years ago.

He is still rolling with Blackstreet, but things are on pause due to the pandemic. However, he said he's got some great things in store for the music lovers and is excited about what is to come.

Thanks to Rodney for coming through. We had a chance to hang out last night and enjoy some great food and share music stories from over the years.

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