In 2005 Southwest Louisiana was put under shock with a string of deaths in Jeff Davis Parish. The real tragedy of it was all of the deaths were females, eight of them to be specific. While there have been many speculations about things, including who did it and why. There have yet to be any arrest. Tonight Fox 29 is going to cover a story on the first victim of the horrific crimes. The special is called Losing Loretta and focuses on the life and tragic death of Loretta Chaisson. I will also be doing an interview with the host for the special Rhonda Kitchens, check out the trailer for it below.

Fox 29 Presents Losing Loretta Special Tonight At 9 pm:

This entire case is more then enough to drive the average person crazy and to the families of the victims, we send our condoleces and prayers to them all. Even though it has been well over 8 years, it is not to late to get some sort of justice and hopefully this will bring it back to the light for those who haven't forgotten.