Freddie Gibbs and Minister Tony Muhammad stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about his new music from his album "You Only Live 2wice". The album is a great piece of work and really showcases his talents as far as an emcee. He was once affiliated with Young Jeezy, but unfortunately they have fallen out and there is a little bad blood between the two.

He recently stopped by The Breakfast Club along with his friend and adviser Minister Tony Muhammed who talked about his album and working together on projects in the future on building up the communities with various artist in the hip hop and r&b world.


This is one of the most powerful interview that I have seen and it's great to have people who want to inform us and keep us in the know. While I am sure there are plenty of people who are not happy with this information being disclosed. When it comes to peoples kids, any information that we can get that could help out children is something we all are vying for. Good luck to the brothers and here is a video from Freddie Gibbs album below.


Freddie Gibbs- "Crushed Glass":

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