If you've been jonezin' for a daiquiri from the Frosty Factory, you're in luck! Mike Branch, owner of the Frosty Factory in Lake Charles, is planning to reopen in eight days if all goes well. According to KPLC 7, Branch cut a deal with the state at a hearing in Baton Rouge Wednesday morning.

Branch was cited with two infractions for not abiding by the mandated Phase Two business operations. He claims to have misread a date to reopen and allowed customers to participate in karaoke and sit at the bar to watch an Astros game. However, the Frosty Factory owner caught a break because he only has to pay $250 of the original $1,250 fine.

Things could've been a lot worse, because Frost Factory's license was initially suspended by Alcohol and Tobacco Control on July 27. Branch was reportedly in danger of losing his liquor license for 30 days, but luckily that was cut down to 15 days. Then, he was given a credit for being closed for seven days. So now, he'll only have to remain closed for eight more days.

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