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This police officer was called to a neighborhood where kids were playing basketball in the streets. While they were being complained on for being loud and playing in the road. He showed the kids that there was another side to Policemen.


When I saw the video, I couldn't help but to be reminded that not all cops are bad. There are some who take their vows seriously to protect and serve. I totally commend this man for not only getting the kids to possibly stop complaints. But to show them that I like to have fun just like you. You can see the kids got relaxed when others started coming from the side to take in on the fun.


Cop joins neighborhood kids in a game of Basketball:



I think we need more interactions with out law enforcement and the kids in the neighborhood or men in generally. Someone needs to be held accountable for the abuse and lower then less treatment that some of us receive. But on top of that the trust needs to be rebuilt as alot of it has left. I am hoping that this will be the start of some much needed repairing in the world.