Geraldo Rivera recently sat down to talk about his thoughts on Bruce Jenners transition to Caitlyn and also what his  thoughts were about Donald Trump announcing his run as President Of The United States.


Geraldo Rivera Talks About Caitlyn Jenner and More:


I have always thought that the Kardashians came at a time when the world was looking for  the next it thing and they happen to be it. We all know the main reason that Kim is famous,  but there are so many stereotypes going on with the family and double standards as well if you ask me.


Whether or not Bruce fooled Kris is kind of hard to accept and believe, but the fact remains that the world was amused enough to watch the Caitlyn special and even bigger to push to have her own show on the same network to make the Kardashians famous.


Either way time will tell, but whether or not you agree with Geraldo on alot of things, he made some pretty valid points.

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