I have been a customer for well over a decade. This is the first Christmas in about ten years that I have actually shopped at the malls. I have to admit I had a little time to shop with the wife and also with my son. But generally I have been an online shopper and have had no issues when it came to getting what I want when I wanted it.

One of my biggest outlets to get my shopping on was with Amazon. They are a portal for getting basically everything you want from clothes, to movies, music and in some forms foods. Well the word came today that they are preparing to start adding a sales tax to all purchases out of Louisiana. This will all begin on January 1st. 2017 and if you're like me. I know all good things come to an end, but this is going to hit me a little hard. I have ordered things for years, but I have loved the benefits of just shipping and handling. Also if I used my prime membership then it was a win win all together.

So why now are they starting to collect taxes. It all stemmed from a tough choice that they were faced with from Louisiana Lawmakers. They could either impose the new tax or be held responsible for shipping out documents to all of their customers to remind them of what they owed from all of their purchases.

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