Ginuwine is starring in a new Bravo docu-series, Your Husband Is Cheating On Us.

People shares the series, focuses on a musical—directed and produced by JD Lawrence—in which Ginuwine is starring. Lawrence, who is nicknamed "The King of Dramedy," is considered one of the most prominent directors on the urban theater scene. His latest stage play, Your Husband Is Cheating on Us, will star Ginuwine as the resident player, and will also feature an ensemble cast, including Lia Grant, D’Atra Hicks, and Tondy Gallant.

The premise of the show is the cast members will be moved into a house together while they work on the play. They only have eight weeks to learn their lines, and the catch is, their real-life friends (and love interests in Ginuwine's case) will be included as well.

Of course, most everyone is familiar with the urban theater circuit— Tyler Perry got his start there, selling out shows across the country before transitioning in to film. Perhaps this play will prop up Ginuwine to make a go of it it in film or in scripted TV?

Either way, Ginuwine seems to be finding his stride in reality TV. Earlier this year, fans came to his defense after he refused to kiss a transgender woman on the reality series, Big Brother UK.

As for his latest gig, Your Husband Is Cheating on Us premieres Sunday, April 1 (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.


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