Amusement parks are geared toward helping curate family fun. Most of the time the rides are safe because they have been inspected properly and there typically isn't any news to write home about.

However today quite the opposite was true after a 6-year-old boy from Carencro, Louisiana was reported to have fallen from a roller coaster while visiting an amusement park in Flordia.

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Olga Nayda Via unsplash
Olga Nayda Via Unsplash

Police were actually dispatched for a completely separate situation involving a verbal disturbance between customers and park employees. They reported that when they arrived the Osceola County Fire Department's Rescue 72 was already tending to the situation at hand.

Marcel Bonnet, age 6, was on the "Galaxy Spin" roller coaster at an amusement park in Kissimmee, Flordia called the Fun Spot when he fell 20 feet from the ride. Once the Osceola County Rescue team found Marcel under the tracks of the roller coaster they did report that he was conscious and alert.

Justin Via Unsplash
Justin Via Unsplash

The 6-year-old was transported to Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital in Orlando Flordia where they discovered he broke his pelvis. He has been released and is recovering at home after being critically injured at the amusement park.

Park staff did not have any details or information on what happened or how something like this was even possible. Officials said nothing suspicious was reported and are still unsure what actually happened to put Marcel in such a dangerous situation. There was another young boy who was reported to have been riding with Bonnet however he has no direct involvement with the incident.

Annette Elizabeth Via Go Fund Me
Annette Elizabeth Via Go Fund Me

The ride is closed and an investigation is pending at this time. According to Fun Spot, the ride will not be reopened until experts can confirm this will never happen again moving forward.

Annette Elizabeth has organized a fundraiser on behalf of her best friend's son, Marcel. You can donate to the Go Fund Me here.

Hi, my name is Annette and I’m fundraising for my best friend whose 6yo son, Marcel, fell from a theme park roller coaster and suffered severe injuries including a broken pelvis. Marcel has been released from the hospital and is recovering at home but he and his family will need a lot of help. If you would like to assist in supporting Marcel’s family while he heals, any donations are appreciated. Funds will be distributed directly to his mom, Sadonia, and used to aid in his care and help with bills.

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