Regardless of what hotel chain you fancy, the Golden Nugget Lake Charles has a four-star accommodations ranking. So, have no worries, a standard room King and Queen or Queen Doubles are quite nice. The next step up would be a Parlor Suite(1,000 sq ft.), Corner Suite(1,000 sq ft), and Junior Suite which is 515 feet of space, with a King bed, living room, large closet, and more. Take a look inside a Junior in Rush Tower and a gorgeous Corner Suite.

If these rooms don't cut the mustard the luxury continues. The Nugget Lake Charles certainly has a few more options in VIP and High Roller lanes.

The casino's Presidential Suite is on the penthouse level and features a 1,500 square feet one bedroom and a luxurious ensuite, with a separate shower and tub. Some amenities include a fireplace, several TVs, upscale furniture, a nice bar, a kitchenette with a mini-frig, a half bath, and an extended balcony area. Here is what a Presidential looks like inside!

If you thought that was nice, there's nowhere to go but up from here. The Loft Suite is next level! For starters, it's a two-story unit, with 2,000 square feet of plush accommodations. The master bedroom is upstairs and has a very nice walk-in closet, and luxury ensuite, indoor and outdoor living/entertainment areas, a jacuzzi, an outdoor patio, and furnishings, a wet bar, a kitchen, and much more. Get a load of this bad boy!

Finally, if the Loft Suite isn't your cup of tea, then perhaps the Villa Suite is more your speed. If I'm not mistaken you would need to speak to a Casino Host to book a Villa at Golden Nugget Lake Charles. They are exclusive stays for high-roller guests only. It has more of a spacious outdoor entertainment area, a full kitchen, and huge living accommodations inside closets, bedrooms, and baths. The whole nine!  The Villas are across from the lofts, in front of the pool and they are amazing. Feast your eyes on this.

Now you don't have to walk by these spaces and wonder what they look like inside! Is that fabulous or what? I'm gonna have to develop some fierce gambling skills if I ever want a chance to stay in one of those! Well, that's your high-roller eye candy for the day. I hope you enjoyed it!

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