Being a seventies baby I saw the beginning of Hip Hop. I remember watching a video with Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five all the way up to NWA and more. Google is paying homage by are celebrating 44 years of some of the best music on the planet and they hooked up with one of the legends Fab 5 Freddy to give a tutorial on the art of deejaying.

This was all started by the one and only Kool DJ Herc who initially started started by mixing instrumentals and creating longer songs for the people to dance to. This was known to create what would eventually become break dancing. Check out the video below and see if you could become the king or queen of the turntables.


Check out the link and see if you can also pass the test as well to become a DJ. I have to admit this is one of the things that I love most about music and hip hop is the art of watching the DJ do his thing on stage.



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