Littering is getting out of control in SWLA. It's bad enough we're still dealing with trash and debris from Hurricanes Laura and Delta. The last thing we need is to add to it, but that is exactly what's happening. Some people are still in hurricane repair mode and trying to clean and clear their homes and property, but a few are dumping that trash illegally.

Lake Charles in particular has areas around the city that floods. This issue has been compounded over the past year, as city drains and ditches are being inundated with trash people are dumping alongside the roadways, dead-end streets, boat launches, etc. This has become a pretty big problem, which is why Governor Jon Bel Edwards Litter Abatement and Beautification Task Force to help us clean up our act. This is an important initiative because a lot of debris ends up in our waterways and this pollution has a devastating effect on our wetlands.

State officials are working on a plan of action to take this matter on says Calcasieu Litter Manager, Wyvette Pryor-Cousin. She told KPLC,

“It helps me to see that he is taking things seriously, the state of Louisiana is taking it seriously, and that you know, this kind of behavior as far as littering, dumping, those kinds of things are not going to be tolerated.”

State officials met this week to discuss a task force plan of action, which is set to be finished sometime in July. In the meantime, the Calcasieu Litter Manager says they have enlisted Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Dept., Wards Three and Four, and the Marshal’s office to help curb the littering now. What this means is they are going to actively go after people committing this crime and file charges if need be.

Pryor-Cousin is urging the public to report littering by calling her office at (337) 493-5487 or online at With the help of law enforcement and the cities Ward recreations dept. She added,  “They are even able to help us by putting out cameras so that we can surveillance the area.”

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