Rapper Gucci Mane is living his best life these days and wants to assure his 20-year class reunion is one to remember. How's he going to do that you ask? By footing the bill for the reunion, that's how.

Gucci, real name Radric Davis, graduated in 1998 from Ronald E. McNair High School in Atlanta, GA, and took to Twitter on Tuesday with a message to his graduating class.

"This year marks my 20th year from graduating high school in 1998 I want to personally invite anybody who graduated from #McNair aka McNasty aka #BouldercrestHigh to v103 car and bike show to go with me and also I want pay for our 20 yr reunion myself!" - Gucci Mane

Maybe in three more years, I'll be able to do the same for my graduating class. That would be epic!

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