It took almost two decades for the luxury clothing brand, Gucci, to seek an endorsement deal with Trap Music pioneer Gucci Mane. Of course hindsight is 20/20, but you would think that execs at the designer label would've seen a collab with the rap star as a no brainier a long time ago. Gwop is one of the hottest rappers on the planet after all. I guess it's better late than never. Right? Wrong!

Ordinarily an endorsement deal of this caliber would be worth celebrating, but not to today and definitely NOT with this company. Most of Black America is boycotting the high end brand, including his co-Trap Music pioneers like T.I., Waka Flocka Flame and Soulja Boy. So unfortunately the Atlanta MC is getting mad shade, instead of mad love for landing his deal with Gucci. Mind you, the rapper whose real name is Radric Delantic Davis has been advertising for the Gucci brand since day one of his music career in 2001. So it's about damn time he get paid for it.

The problem with him taking the deal is the beginning of the year the Italian fashion giant started selling Blackface sweaters. The $890 dollar high-neck black wool sweater had red lips and a whole cut out for the mouth. The is absolutely no doubt that Gucci made the sweater to depict the derogatory portrayal of African Americans as a source of entertainment known as Blackface. The question of the century is why would they do that and what made them think Black America would let that fly? Below is a IG post by Soulja Boy and a picture of the insanely offensive sweater.

Like seriously? Shame on Gucci for making such a hideous garment. Little did they know they were dissing the #1 one consumer in the world! According to the latest Nielsen report Black consumers spend $1.2 Trillion annually all by themselves making unprecedented contributions to the overall market of consumer categories. It looks like the absence of the Black dollar is putting a hurting on the Gucci's bottom line. The Blackface backlash was immediate and fierce, forcing the iconic clothing company to remove the sweaters from their online and department stores. Gucci then issued an apology:

Unfortunately, no one is in the mood for apologies. Blackface was developed as a way to mock, taunt and portray Black people as stupid. Gucci knew these sweaters would be offensive, and they produced them for retail anyway. What they did may be forgivable at some stage in the distant future, but they will NEVER enjoy the Black dollar like they did in the past ever again. That's a wrap!

That said, Gucci Mane and his Gucci deal hasn't been well received at all. The scandal is still way too fresh for most to accept such a move by one of the biggest Black artists in music.

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