What's up with Gwyneth?  Has she lost her mind?  Actually, no.  She's good.


What had happened was, she sent a tweet out on June 1st that rubbed a few folks the wrong way because in it she used the "N" word.  However, not everyone is mad.  Russell Simmons, The Dream and now Nas are stepping up to catch her back.  Find out what the fuss is about now.  Scroll down and press play to get the latest details with Tha Wire.

Meanwhile, it was roughly two months ago that ATL rapper Future dropped his debut album "Pluto".  As a matter of fact, he is currently on tour in support of the LP as I speak.  That hasn't stopped him from putting in some extra work in the studio.  Check this out:



Listen to Tha Wire to learn more about his upcoming sophomore album.  Plus, get the scope on his new mix tap.  In even more news back on your boy Nasir Jones, find out what he, Blake Griffin, Michael Stahan, Nick Cannon and Kevin Love all have in common.  Ever heard of the website "12 Society"?  I got all the details.  Press play now to here Tha Wire now: 

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