When it comes to sports, Stephen A Smith is one of those names we all know. Whether it's judging him on his political views or outspoken rhetoric of professional sports or the players, there is no doubt you are familiar with his name. One thing I was not aware of was Baby Stephen A Smith. If one wasn't enough for you, wait until you get a load of this little man.

You already know this is going to become a meme soon enough, and I wouldn't be surprised if Stephen doesn't capitalize on this himself and create something that will be a phenomenon. I think I have officially seen it all.

This is just another way to be overwhelmed with even more Stephen A. The post on his personal page has already garnered major attention and plenty of shares. You can check out Stephen A Smith daily on First Take with Max Kellerman on ESPN. Make sure you watch out for Baby Stephen A. I hear he likes to argue.

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