Being from the south alot of folks didn't think that we were into alot of east coast hip hop, but I beg to differ. I knew even when I was younger that I would be in radio to some capacity and I had a love for music from back in the day.


I would listen to soul music, blues, rock, jazz, gospel and of course Hip Hop music. I loved A Tribe Called Quest, Kool Moe Dee, Ice-T, NWA and this duo who hailed from Queens called Mobb Deep. Well everyone who follows me knows that I am a fan of the Mass Appeal segment called Rhythm Roulette where they feature various artist and producers and allow to get in the lab and show why they are the top tier in music production. Havoc who is 1/2 of Mobb Deep got in the lab and created a straight up masterpiece. Check out the video below.


Check out some of his production while working with Mobb Deep. He always had a signature sound, but it crossed various barriers in the music game.


Mobb Deep- "Shook Ones":


Mobb Deep- "Survival Of The Fittest":


Mobb Deep- "Quiet Storm":

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