Being an early wrestling fan from back in the day. There is no way that you wouldn't know the name Andre The Giant. He was legend in the wrestling game and one of the biggest men that I had ever seen.

There were times you would look at him and think that he wasn't real, but not only was he real. But he was one of the toughest men to ever her the ring. Well be on the lookout next year as HBO will be dropping a documentary called "Andre The Giant" and while I am sure that it's more of a mild comparison, he was truly a legend then and today. Check out the trailer for the upcoming feature.


Andre The Giant- "He Was A God" Documentary:

One of Andres biggest competitors in the wrestling world was Hulk Hogan and I have a clip from one of the main events from 1988.


Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant 1988:

Andre The Giant was also a star in the movie "The Princess Bride" along with Billy Crystal and directed by Rob Reiner. While there is no tentative date yet. It will be dropping sometime in 2018. There is also talk about a biopic to drop that is being endorsed by his daughter.

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