HBO has released the official trailer for Beyonce's documentary Life Is But A Dream and it premieres on Sunday, February 16. The critics and self-righteous haters have already spoken negative remarks against the film. What do they expect Beyonce to do, bend to their preconceived notions and expectations of what a celebrity should be?

In the film Bey get's very candid and emotional in a way that we have never seen her before. Life is But a Dream is directed by the 31 year old singer, wife, and mother.

“I always battle with how much do I reveal about myself. How do I stay current? How do I stay soulful? I felt like I had been so commercial success, it wasn’t enough,” Beyonce says in a voiceover in the trailer.

“You can’t express yourself. You can’t grow. It is the battle of my life. So I set a goal. And my goal was: independence.”