The gracious Michelle Reeder aka Mama Chelle is someone who has a giving heart like no other. She is the epitome of sharing what God has given her and using it to help others. A few weeks ago I was asked by my friend Courtney Brown if I would come out and talk with Mama Chelle about something she was trying to organize.

When I got to the meeting along with some others. I was moved within the first 10 minutes of me walking in the door. She talked about her goal of wanting to give a little Thanksgiving love to some of the folks who are homeless here in Lake Charles. It's a problem that we all see and there is no doubt about it that the problem is bigger then many would be able to imagine..

Well last night the event was set at The Foundation House where the owner Eddie Lewis Jr opened his doors and also prepared some meals for as well for the night. There were some heartwarming stories from many of the gentlemen that I spoke with. There were some who had a full time job with money in the bank and lost it while trying to secure a place to keep their heads covered. There were plenty who helped out and everyone was willing to not only offer their help, but also their ear to some who just wanted to talk.

There will be another one next month and hopefully we will be able to do more to assist with those in need. There are plenty of great people who just need a second chance and the opportunity to show they are qualified. This is the season of giving and a little giving can go a long way.

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