There have been some issues with the Amazon Ring Doorbell. The company fired four employees over the past four years for watching customers videos just last month. However it's still one of the biggest sellers on the market for protecting peoples home from theft or even catching the delivery guy dropping your packages on the ground.

According to, there are some steps to take that should be considered upon your purchase of the Amazon Ring Doorbell.

Use A Strong Password: Come up with a password that is hard to hack in to. You can use a password manager like 1Password or Lastpass. These are apps that can automatically create complex passwords for you.

Set Up Two- Factor Verification- With A Burner: Ring now requires people to turn on two-factor verification, this involves sharing your cellphone number so that your handset can be used as a second factor to prove who you are.

Opt Out Of Law Enforcement Requests: By default, the Ring app will send you notifications when law enforcement agencies are seeking video footage from you to aid them in investigations.

Turn Off The Microphone: Leaving on a microphone could let a hacker or corrupt employee listen to your very own conversation at home.

Install a Tracker Blocker on your phone: There were reports of the Ring app using invisible trackers to send data to third- party marketing and analytic firms. To prevent this on your end. It is suggested that you find an app that prevents this from happening including Fyde. It's a free app for Android devices and Iphones.

Regardless of what you buy, there are always cautionary steps to take. However if you have some information to assist with your purchase. I would advise that you consider before spending your hard earned money doing so.

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