So I was checking out The Steve Harvey Morning Show on Yesterday and he did an interview with a movie director by the name of Pierre Bagley about a new movie that has really gotten some great reviews. Unfortunately unless he changes a few things about the movie you will never get to see it. I have the trailer for "From The Rough" below, check it out!The Movie is based on Catana Starks who became the first female coach of an all mens golf team.




"From The Rough" Trailer"



It has been very hard to get this movie released to the theatres due to the companies wanting it to be more broadened or for lack of a better word more appealing to the caucasian audience. After watching the trailer I truly believe this could be a very great movie and with the support of those who love great movies. We can possibly force the hands of those who are in control of releasing this movie for all of us to see. Make sure you go to Pierre Bagleys Facebook page here and leave comments on how you would love to help and see what you can do to get it exposed even more. I want to say good luck on the movie and really look forward to seeing it in theatres really soon. If we can help take "Think Like A Man" to number one, we can get this released in theatres. Lets make it happen!!