Carlotta Outley Brown is a name that some may know from being recognized on previous work at an elementary school and being honored from Ellen Degeneres. Now she is being known for an entirely different reason.

Recently she implemented a strict dress code on parents of the students of James Madison High school. The new rules will have parents banned from the school if they wear pajamas, revealing clothes, bonnets, baggy clothes and a few other questionable items. Check out this clip from CBS as they talk about the new dress code and the parent who is apparently behind the new ban.


There are plenty of other things to be concerned about when it comes to schools. One of them being making sure the kids are getting the right education. What about them actually attending school? I don't really know how to feel about the dress code as many parents are hard workers. There are times they are called while in the middle of something on their jobs and don't have time to go home and change. What are your thoughts about this new dress code? It's only for this particular high school at the moment. But if this turns out to be a success, what schools will follow?

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