Staying home has taken on new meaning around my house. My family is working together to stay healthy and prevent spreading the virus to each other. We are staying positive and keeping ourselves busy by going to work or working out of our homes. Like a lot of people, we are taking on cleaning projects around the house.

My mom is painting her walls and doing some home renovations, cleaning out her closets and tending to her flowers outside. My son and one of my nephew's are blessed that they can continue to working, so life isn't to much different for least during the week. My sister and my younger nephew, Zae are live on the other side of town, so I don't see them much. However, we talk and text to stay in touch. Zae, like my little girl are enjoying their time out of school and could care less about going back. My sister is still working and when she's home is cooking up new recipes and eating up all the ice cream in the house, planting veggies in her garden, and taking walks to stay healthy.

At my house, my husband and I are also very fortunate to still be working. We both have been just as busy with side hustles and projects. Our little girl bounces between her dads road trips and hanging out in the studio with me. MiMi is keeping a low profile as well. She is getting her exercise in, by taking short walks every day. My mother-in-law is also keeping our belly's full with delicious meals she fixes us to go.

Outside of my radio profession, I own a cleaning business and manage a small staff that includes my niece and little brother. E has been helping me out while he waits for Sowela to re-open and KeKe is doing the same thing until her semester resumes at Avery James. One things for sure we are keeping active, riding bikes, Spring cleaning, getting school work in and more. Below are a few pics of my family quarantine day-to-day.

Social distancing has shutdown travel and it will be a while before I can see my dad, older sisters and brother in person. They all live in other states and cities, but thank God everyone in the family is healthy and safe. Here at home, we keep our distance from mom ( NaNa) and MiMi (my mother-n-law) to protect them and keep from spreading the deadly virus to them.

We don't hug, kiss or touch them when dropping off groceries and checking on them. It's really hard, but we can't take the risk of losing either of them. We know this is not going to last forever and we are doing what we need to do, to stay well. I look forward to the day we can freely hand out, take trips and get back to normal. Until then, we are doing what we can to stay busy at home.

From my family to yours, stay well everybody!

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