So while Apple was touting the amazing innovation of their new watch, they were also sneaking a copy of U2's new album into your iTunes.  And some people were happy.  And those people were few.

A lot of people were creeped out by seeing an album they didn't buy in their iTunes library.  It doesn't hurt anything, and they didn't charge you for it, but still ...  It was kind of a bit much for some people.

So what do you do?  Well, the backlash was so strong that Apple set up a removal process for you.  But be warned, if you change your mind, you only have until Oct. 13 to download the album again for free.  After that, you'll have to shell out.  Which doesn't sound like it will be a concern for a lot of people.  (I listened to the album.  Eh.  I've heard worse.)

[h/t Verge]

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