If you’re truly a fan of any professional sports team, my advice to you would be to at least know a little something about your team. You never know when some over competitive fan might want to test your knowledge, or better yet Jimmy Kimmel. That’s exactly what the night show host decided to do with Golden State Warrior fans, in his latest edition of “Lie Witness News.”

The show headed out to Oakland to ask random Warrior fans about fake players, fake strategies, and whatever other crazy stuff they could think of. They even ran into Rev. Jessie Jackson, who did not fall for their fake questions.

It is both hilarious and unbelievable what people will go along with without thinking twice about the question. You’ve got to be quick to think and slow to speak, or else you’ll end up on Jimmy Kimmel live answering erroneous questions about who know’s what. Watch the full video above and sound off in the comments below.