I am not the type who likes to be bragged about. I am most definitely not the type to do any bragging about myself. However, I was alarmed by an email I received last week with an announcement that truly shocked me.

I saw my name in the header and, honestly, I continued working on a project and then I saw a reply directed at me and then another one. It was from the company I work for, congratulating me on being July's Employee of the Mmonth. My market president called me and said congratulations, and I replied, "Thank you."

Then this is where the shock really came into play. He said, "You do realize this is for the entire company, not just Lake Charles."

That is when it truly hit me. I was in awe, and I still am almost a week later.

I am truly appreciative of the recognition, but I am simply a person who loves my job. While things are in disarray right now with the pandemic, I can still say I am just as excited about coming to work today as I was over six months ago. This comes from simply loving what I do. So I say to all who even considered me as a nominee: thank you. I will continue to work the hardest I can and helping as many as I can help to succeed.

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