Regardless of what party you represent when it comes to voting, one thing we can all agree on is that we want change. The politics of the world have not necessarily been the best, especially for people of color. However, optimism makes me excited about change.

The title of this story is I can't speak for anyone else, but here is why I vote. There is no particular order, but this is what gets me excited about running to the polls.We have all heard about our parents and grandparents fighting and marching for our right to vote. Guess what? That is one of my main reasons for doing so.

Next, it's because at one time, we were not allowed. Can you imagine wanting to do something and being told you can't? This is why I vote. If I am unhappy about the mistreatment of my people and feel like the laws need to be changed to serve justice for us, I am going to vote on the laws that will benefit me. I am also going to vote for the person who will represent me and our people.

Another thing, if the person who I voted for didn't do what they were suppose to do, I am more than happy to help vote that person out of office. I push voting hard on the radio and social media. I would be a hypocrite if I asked my listeners to do something I wouldn't do myself. I am seeing a lot of mixed reactions from people not necessarily feeling either party. And now it doesn't help that Kanye West is throwing a wrench in things with his political bid. Look, these may not be the best choices, but we can demand they respect our vote and hear our demands. Not voting is simply not the way to effect change.

We have plenty of power in our votes. If this was not the case, certain parties wouldn't make it so difficult for us to do so. I vote because it is my right. I vote because I am supposed to. I vote because nothing comes to a dreamer but dreams. And a vote not cast is a voice that is ignored.

Let's talk to our young people and try to motivate them to vote. Speak on its importance and their kids possibly being affected by their actions now. Make it a point to vote not only in national elections, but also locally. We need to vote. I hope to see you at the polls this November, and good luck to those who are running for all of the right reasons and working to make things better for us all.

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