Music lovers all over the world were excited about hearing new music from Dr. Dre, as he released two singles simultanously "Kush" featuring Snoop Dogg and "I need a doctor" with Protoge Eminem. The word was on the streets that Detox was going to be released, plus Dre was making alot more public appearances, well from one of Dre' s old producer comes word that Detox is possibly never being released.

Bernard "Focus..." Edwards, Jr. worked with Dr. Dre over the past seven years, getting his start by producing "Riding High" off The Wash soundtrack. He parted ways to start his own label, but stayed in close contact with Dre throughout the years.

Focus... says that although Dre released two singles, "Kush" and "I Need A Doctor," he knew that the album wouldn't be released.

"The funny thing is I told everybody it wasn't coming out. We have changed the sound of Detox [several times] over the years. When the leaks came out they still weren't cohesive songs. So I know that Dre didn't find what he was looking for. It didn't come out like 2001. So at the end of the day Dre could have told the whole world it was coming out but it wasn't ready yet."

Focus...also met up with Dre just a few months ago to work more on Detox, but it wasn't the ideal situation he was hoping it would be.

"I went back out there [a few months ago]. He told me it would be a shame if I wasn't on the album as it stood so I flew myself out there. I sat there for a week and tried some things and he was like "eh, they're not hot." So I said cool and I knew my time there was done."

Now that Dre has officially announced that he's taking a break from music, do you ever think Detox will see the light of day?

via Former Aftermath Producer Knew Detox Wasn't Coming.


As you know I am a music lover and a really be Dr. Dre fan, this is disappointing news, although I do believe that he will be coming with new music soon. He is currently producing for new West Coast artist Kendrick Lamar and Slim Da Mobster. Only time will tell, check out some of the new artist that he will be releasing soon!!!