While Ice Cube is known for wrecking a microphone and running the hip hop game in the nineties, he took a shot at movies and created some memorable titles like "Friday", Ride Along", and "Are We There Yet". But he's never won a Oscar for a movie, and chances are he may never be in the running with Morgan Freeman or Denzel Washington. But he is known for making films that his fans remember. He is also known for introducing us to new stars like Katt Williams, Chris Tucker and Mike Epps.

He is back with another movie that will be dropping on next year called "Fist Fight". The movie also stars Charlie Day, who is known for his hilarious antics in movies like Horrible Bosses, and he's also a part of the hit show "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia". The two main characters are teachers in a high school and get into some back and forth. Ice Cube's character challenges Charlie Day's character, and the movie goes from there.

The movie won't be released until February 2017, but I am sure that it will be funny, as Ice Cube knows how to pick a movie that will pack the theaters and sell tickets. Now, whether or not the movie will get any kind of movie nomination is probably not gonna happen. But I do believe that everyone will have a good time seeing it.

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