Who cares about the controversy over Desiigner sounding like a Future knock-off on "Panda" when Idris Elba gets involved?

The sexy British actor went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to offer up a rendition "Panda" and Drake's "One Dance," and made every woman in America collectively swoon—even though he sang Desiigner's song in a chipmunk voice. No matter, Idris murdered it. Of course, the British actor could sing about the Yellow Pages with an Al Sharpton voice effect and garner the same exact response, so there's also that.

During the game "Box of Microphones," Fallon sang Drake's "One Dance" before he and Idris closed things out with a playful version of Lionel Richie and Dianna Ross' "Endless Love." But it was definitely Idris' version of "Panda" that was the night's winner.

The actor and DJ (he says he's been DJing since he was eight and just recently rocked a show in Brooklyn) also showed off his dance moves for the audience. Fallon asked him about whether or not he gets challenged to dance-offs after appearing in Mackelmore's "Dance Off" video, to which Elba answered with an immediate yes, saying fans don't hesitate to ask him to show off his dance moves, even in nightclub restrooms.

"Awkward," he quipped.

Elba started off his dance set looking as if he might actually breakdance, before sliding into James Brown's signature shuffle move, which earned him cheers from the audience.

Elba will star in Star Trek Beyond which hits theaters July 22.




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